Job Title:                    ESG Principal

Program:                    Capability Building Project

Subject:                      TVET

Grade/Level:              Manager


Job Purpose:
The ESG Principal will provide strategic and operational leadership to all ESG staff at the TVTC college as well as providing strategic guidance and coaching to the incumbent Dean of the college.  This role is a senior leadership position reporting into the contract manager within ESG SA corporate and carries responsibility for the delivery of the project at the college level.  The principal leads on the implementation and delivery of the college improvement plan.

The principal seeks to maintain a strong relationship with the incumbent Dean, working to influence without directive, practices extreme patience under pressure and has the ability to communicate in a calm manner at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To work with the existing Dean to improve all areas of the college in line with the College Improvement Plan (CIP)
  2. To be able to affect change outcomes through influencing and gaining buy-in from all incumbent staff
  3. To represent ESG SA within the college and to work effectively to ensure the client relationship is maintained positively at all times
  4. To line manage all senior ESG managers in the college including IT, HR and finance managers
  5. Works to improve the college through:
  • Identification of key priorities with incumbent Dean
  • Effective management of the college budget
  • Contribute towards the development of strategic decision making processes
  • Working with the ESG corporate function to ensure the curriculum is fit for purpose and delivers graduates that are matched to the workforce
  • Works with the IT manager coach to ensure cutting edge technology adoption at both curriculum and infrastructure level
  • Works with the Finance manager coach to ensure the college develops financial systems to facilitate future independence from TVTC central control
  • Works with the Enterprise manager to ensure the college engages all stakeholders from the local and wider business community effectively
  1. Accepts other duties as assigned by the ESG corporate function.

Qualification Requirements:
Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution

Masters degree from an accredited institution

PhD degree from an accredited institution (preferred)



A minimum of 10 years’ senior management experience in a TVET setting

Project management and project directing experience

Evidence of working in a complex matrix management structure

A general understanding of Information Technology, finance, HR functions

Experience of managing the overall implementation of the following:

    • College improvement
    • Change management
    • OFSTED inspection standards
    • IT infrastructure development
    • A coaching and mentoring programme
    • TVET curriculum development

Excellent English language reading and writing skills

Ability to communicate complex ideas to speakers of Arabic with limited proficiency in English

Must be able to present technical information in a non-technical manner.

Experience of:

  •  Influencing others without authority
  • Leading a team
  • Managing a change process
  • Working with cutting edge technologies in an educational setting


Bilingual English-Arabic speakers are highly sought after.